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La Fille de l’eau with live accompaniment by John Sweeney

Preceded by short film Le Ballet mécanique with live accompaniment by John Sweeney
silent | 12 mins | France | 1924 | b&w

La Fille de l’eau with live accompaniment by John Sweeney
Whirlpool of Fate | silent with English intertitles | 71 mins
France | 1925 | b&w | dir. Jean Renoir, with Pierre Philippe, Catherine Hessling, Maurice Touze

One of the first films directed by Renoir featuring his first wife Catherine Hessling, La Fille de l’eau takes place in the late 19th century, in an age of canals and barges. Reduced to poverty from the loss of her father, Virginia falls back upon her own resources to eke out a simple living by stealing, until a classic case of mistaken identity leads to the heroine being accused of setting fire to a French peasant’s haystack, and Virginia is forced to flee. Georges Raynal, the son of an eccentric landowner, finds her and takes her to a farmer’s cottage where she can be cared for. Virginie’s new found happiness is short-lived, however, as her cruel, drunken uncle Jef appears and demands money from her…

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