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Jazz Improvisation with Yaron Herman

Yaron Herman is a world class pianist and composer widely regarded as one of the leading musicians of his generation. With a background of traditional Israeli music and the European concert hall music, a short stint at Berklee College School of Music and his current presence in the Parisian music scene, Yaron has developed an unparalleled style of ’real time composition’ and a wild improvisational flare culminating in a rare music form which is playful, cinematic and stunning.

Brilliant musicianship is again combined with a sense of fun and spirit of adventureThe Jazzman

A pianist in the vanguard of Europe’s most imaginative playerThe Telegraph

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Fri 31 Mar - 9.00pm
60 mins
Ciné Lumière
£12 (Regular)
£10 (Members)
£6 (Students and Piano pass)


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